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Christian Entrepreneur? Good. You’re in the Right Place to Learn How to Lead a God First Business and Be More Successful than Ever!

Even if you’ve been a Christian and ran a successful business for years, the marketplace is changing faster than ever around us.  If you don’t learn how to do business ‘God’s way’, then you could be going in the total opposite direction of the business you were born to create.. I should know, I felt this way myself back in 2014 – but, since then I’ve totally changed the way I do business.


This is my personal blog, a mix of information to equip Godpreneurs with tools , tips and tactics you need to start, run, support and grow a God-First business in the in the 21st century.


I also write on with tons of great content to help you draw closer to God Daily and take on your marketplace with ‘ministry mentality’ faster than you ever imagined!


Sound good..?



I consider Alex Miranda to be one of the top experts when it comes to Christian entrepreneurship. Not only does he know it, he lives it!

Mark Rodriguez | Pastor, LOVE+UNLTD

My Story

Everything changed for me at the end of 2014, when I decided to leave the nightlife and stripclub  industry. I was helping market and brand the top nightclubs in the world, while at the same time trying to develop my relationship with God.  I was living a double-life, and it was convicting me like crazy. On one hand, I’m helping nightclubs get people to the clubs on Saturday, while on the other hand hoping those same people would go to church with me Sunday.  Something had to change, this wasn’t right.


In 2014, I let go of my entire staff and called every nightclub and stripclub client and told them they needed to get their branding done somewhere else.  As a graduate of Cornell University in business and marketing, to go from making ½ million dollars a year back to nothing was a big blow to my ego. But I was putting my faith and trust in my young and growing relationship with God.


That year, I committed my business to God - to rebrand my identity and my entire business so that I was in my “born to do” identity.  That’s when you launch and operate a business that is within God’s calling for your life - what you were uniquely created to do in business!  


This is when I started reading the bible every morning, eventually seeing that there were messages specifically for me as an entrepreneur.  Now I’ve created the habit of seeing God as the CEO of my company, and every morning I go to Him to learn more about Him and know my orders for the day.  It’s awesome to be able to be spirit-led in meetings with clients, vendors, prospects, employees, competitors and contractors.


The ‘Godpreneur’ Moment

Another big change came along in 2015.  I felt alone on my journey to uncover everything the bible says about business.  So I started blogging about what I was learning every morning. At first I would write monthly, then weekly, and finally daily.  After writing it for an audience of one (God) for a while, I got the idea to call myself a Godpreneur - an Entrepreneur that puts God first.  Then I decided to call my blog Daily Godpreneur because it was meant to be read as a daily devotional for entrepreneurs.


The closer I drew to God, the more I began to uncover and discover my calling in business.  My church asked if I wanted to lead a growth group and that I could pick any topic I wanted.  I was feeling led to gather the entrepreneurs of my church. Through that bible study, I realized that I didn’t own a logo and website company.  Instead, I help people discover the exact business God created them to start, and then I bring THAT business to life through jaw dropping branding.


As the owner of a web and logo company, especially serving the nightlife, I felt empty and was always just chasing money, fame, and the approval of others through awards that I had to pay for (ridiculous, I know!)


But as the owner of an agency that helps craft stories and get amazing messages, services and products into a marketplace in need, now I felt like I had a duty, obligation, and commitment to keep fueling my visions and the visions of my clients.


I drew closer and closer to God, and now I was finally realizing that it’s not that I needed to be a better entrepreneur, it’s that I needed to be a better follower of Christ.


Everything changed. And I mean everything.

Because of the focus I was now putting on leading my own “Born to Do” business and launching my clients through this process, I started to see a massive influx of clients to my businesses. New ideas of ways to launch and lead my clients ideas were flowing and I was experiencing more purpose and significance in my business life.

More and more brands were trusting me with uncovering their message and my company grew, this time in firm soil.


My Daily Godpreneur brand was also beginning to explode. In 2016 I launched my instagram channel, and by 2017 I had over 20K followers.  As of 2019, we’re at 60K+ followers and growing daily.


It was obvious to me that the marketplace needed to see that God and Business are NOT separate, but in fact, one in the same and we would be missing out on a huge power source if our brands didn’t tap into it.


I completely shifted my attitudes and beliefs to letting go, and letting God lead my brands.  I turned it up a notch on my Godpreneur brands and launched the Godpreneur Academy, a Christian business directory (, a YouTube channel and a Podcast.  We even launched Godpreneur meetups at my office and have inspired dozens of other Godpreneur meetups to start globally.


Even with my roots in business coming from Cornell University (where they don’t teach you to put God First in your business), today I’m a different breed of entrepreneur, with a whole new perspective on doing business - God’s way.


Focusing on building my businesses around my “born to do” identity is the best decision I’ve ever made as an entrepreneur.  It’s what made me a Godpreneur.


It will be the same for you, too. Wait and see!

God-First Brands I Own:


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Godpreneur Academy: The God First Business Community!

I’ve compiled all of my years of studying the bible from an entrepreneurs perspective and put them all in an academy for you to draw closer to God while also growing your business.  Any entrepreneur that wants to lead a God-First business has to be drawing closer to God and surrounding themselves with like-minded business owners. The Godpreneur Academy is your community.


Discovering Your Calling As An Entrepreneur

This is for those who are feeling purpose-less, going on with their day thinking "there has to be more than this" to owning a business. Knowing your calling is incredibly valuable to you, and you are constantly thinking "how can I stay in the zone." .

It’s available on Amazon.


Godpreneur.TV & Godpreneur Podcast

My weekly videos and podcasts are quick devotionals that teach business and entrepreneurship with bible verses to back everything up. I also introduce to you some awesome Godpreneurs that are marrying ministry and marketplace in their respective industries around the world.  We discuss everything from sales, marketing, human resources, operations, finances, and more – and have a lot of fun in the process!

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Bible-Based Video Courses for Entrepreneurs Putting God First In their Businesses

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