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In November 2014, I went through a major life change.  I closed down the agency I had been running for nearly 10 start over.


During that time of deep reflection, taking a look deep inside to my identity, I drew closer to God than ever before.


I decided that I was going to begin blogging my daily bible reading through the lens of what I was feeling and experiencing.


Since then, I’ve written consistently almost every day, and now my blog posts bless thousands of entrepreneurs that are drawing closer to God through their businesses.


The blog is daily guidance for Godpreneurs.


I've learned a lot about finding God's calling for my entrepreneurial life and living it out.


You can subscribe to my daily emails.  5 minutes a day, 5 days a week, 260 times a year, level up your success and transform your life. Multiply your success through small, daily improvements.

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