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Medical missions to the Caribbean and South America.

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Founder of Jose's Hands
Medical Mission Trips

In 2008, I lost my brother Jose.

To continue his purpose, we do medical missions to the Caribbean and South America.


In 2008, my brother Jose passed away suddenly.  He was an Orthopedic Surgeon serving as a Major in the United States Army.  A graduate of Yale Medical School and armed with a Masters in Public Health from Harvard University, my brother was positioned to take over the world of medicine.


But at 33, he was gone from my life.


Not without leaving me with a message.  Two months before his passing he said that his purpose was to do medical missions in Latin America.


So now, that’s MY purpose.  Together with an army of donors, I give scholarships to health students who want to go on a medical mission.  In a way, these students become “Jose’s Hands” out in the world.  Since 2009, we’ve given away thousands of dollars in scholarships, and I personally go on 2-3 medical missions per year.

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