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I uncover your brand's purpose,

write your key messaging,

and help you tell the world.

“I know what I'm doing. I have it all planned out -

plans to take care of you, not abandon you,

plans to give you the future you hope for.”

– God (Jeremiah 29:11)

My Story

Is Your Story

There's an enemy out there that will do everything in its power for you to NOT discover or take any action on WHAT you were born to do in business.


There’s nothing more important than knowing your brand's why, the purpose your products and services exist for, and explaining it in a way your perfect clients will be attracted to. 

In 2014, my church asked me to lead a growth group.  They allowed me to pick the group and the topic.  I invited the entrepreneurs to join me to read a book called Chazown by Craig Groeschel.  Chazown is the Hebrew word for vision, and it's what God had in mind for us when we were created.


By the end of the group, I realized that, all along, God was using me and branding agency to help people uncover their God-given purpose, and guide them to live it to the fullest!


Now that I understood my calling, all I want to do is help as many companies and non-profits discover what they were born to do, and bring it to life!


Talks with Your Team

1. Business, God's Way!

The bible is the greatest business book on the planet.  It's full of lessons on every aspect of a business, every industry, every product, every service, every solution.  The question is, does your team understand this?

2. The "Real" Purpose of a Washing Machine

Does a washing machine have a purpose?  To clean our clothes, right?  Through the story of the interaction between a refrigerator and a washing machine, we end up discovering that there's more to a purpose than we can imagine.

3. Tragedy to Triumph

In 2008, I suddenly lost my brother Jose.  But 2 months before his passing, he shared his purpose with me.  Since then, I've been fulfilling his calling and triumphing over death.

Invite Me To Your Event


Learn about my branding agency,
Creative Complex.


Most entrepreneurs don't really know what they were born to do.  Before branding a company, you need to discover your own personal brand.  Once you understand your calling, then your brand's marketing takes on an entirely new meaning that will magnetically attract perfect clients.


I'm so passionate about every entrepreneur in the world knowing their calling in business that I wrote a book and group bible study to go with it.  This is the ultimate purpose-focused roadmap to creating a business of meaning and significance.


Live Events to Discover Your Calling

I'm a fan of shutting off all distractions and getting work done.


I highly recommend these experiences for your business, nonprofit organization, or church. They will help you and your team focus to accomplish the very thing your company was born to do.

I can help you implement your brand across all your internal and external channels of communication.

Launch in 2 Days

Business Launch Course


I teach you how to launch your ideas in just two days.  Go at your own pace learning my entire Launch in 2 Days framework. This course will help you discover your brand's message, get your logo designed, write your website copy, and bring it all to life so you can start selling ASAP!

Live Workshops & 

Live Events


Setting aside time to concentrate on discovering your calling and story is hard. That’s why I host entrepreneurs online and at my office. Join me as I help you uncover your entrepreneurial purpose and bring it to life.

Brand Messaging

Live Masterminds


After we discover your brand's calling, you’ll want to create a sales funnel to convert passers-by into paying customers. I will teach you how build your authority and magnetically attract people who want to build a relationship with you.

Book a Mastermind
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