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"How I went from letting go of my employees and closing up my agency to discovering what I was really born to do..."

After graduation Cornell University in 2003, I came back to Miami to do what every 21-year-old wants to do in Miami...enjoy the nightlife!


And enjoy it I did.  I was promoting nightclubs 4 nights a week while simultaneously starting a marketing and branding agency to service the nightlife industry.


From 2005-2014, we were considered the best-in-class when it came to nightclub graphic design and websites.  Clubs from around the world would use us.  I was getting invited to speak at the nightclub conventions on marketing, we were on a trajectory for a million dollar agency.


But in 2014, my mind began to change.  I was in my early thirties, running a fast-growing web & graphic design agency, and basically...hating my life.



I was growing in my relationship with God, I was unfulfilled by servicing the nightlife industry and always knew deep down that I was destined for bigger things….


I made a choice to let go of all of the employees, fire all of the nightlife clients, and start over from scratch.


It was a deep, dark depressing time of my life.  My identity was rocked. For the first time in over 10 years, I was thinking about getting a job.


As an entrepreneur at heart, I must always have an outlet for my creativity, and working for someone else generally doesn’t allow for that!


So I rebuilt my agency, this time with a focus on branding only.  I really felt that God was calling me to help entrepreneurs find out what they were born to do, their purpose-driven business, and bring THAT brand to life.


Then I got the news that I was going to be a dad!  The year of 2015 was turning out to be a dream come true.

I started getting tons of clients, big new branding jobs were coming in, and I was climbing the ladder of agency fame once again!


In October of 2015 my son AJ was born.  Things were really great, life was good.


And then it happened again….I lost it all.


I took on so many projects, I was using money from one project to fund another project, the cash flow was tight, and projects were taking waaaay too long….some over 1 year!


It all came crashing down when 3 projects in a row went SOUTH.  The projects dragged out for too long, sucked me dry of my energy, passion...and cash flow.


The clients requested chargebacks, threatened lawsuits, and asked me to my face how I could call myself an agency?


I had to let go of the employees again.


Maybe I was never cut out to have employees at all…


Feeling defeated, I shut down the company and wrote it off as a loss.


Once again, my identity was shattered and it was back to square one.


This time, I had a kid in that square with me.  This just didn’t feel right.


But why would God so clearly direct me towards helping entrepreneurs bring to life the business they were born to do, to then have me fall again?


My other friends with agencies all around me were succeeding.  Everyone was making money in all types of industries...real estate was booming, seems like everyone was coming up...but me.


So I started doing a whole bunch of odds and ends marketing jobs.  I took on anything from coaching some clients to setting up Google Suite for a client.  I even helped some clients set up a trade show booth.


I was really just trying to survive, pay bills, and hope I could find myself again.


To say I felt like less of a man is an understatement ...


But since I had previously achieved a decent level of wealth, I knew I could do it again and be that person I once was …


I still had entrepreneurship running through my veins, after all, and I wasn’t a quitter ...


But because I had made some bad decisions and lost it all, I was unclear about where to start and what to do next … or how to do it with no money.


I sat down one night, crying at my office, all alone with 7 empty desks around me.


I thought to myself, I’m a great guy, I love God, and I just want to help people...why am I being persecuted like this?


This left a bad taste in my mouth for owning an agency, so I decided to hit the reset button of my own brand.


Wiping the tears from my face, I had an idea.  I pulled up my portfolio and I looked at all of the clients I had launched and I wrote them down in order from FAVORITE to worst.


I then took the top 3 clients and said “what was the common theme between these 3 clients”.


Here is what I came up with

  1. All of them needed their brands in 10 days or less, they were under the gun and need it quickly

  2. My entire team was ‘all hands on deck” to get the projects done

  3. They paid me a lot of money and didn’t haggle me for prices

  4. It was honestly, to this day, some of the best branding work I’ve ever done

  5. They love me, still.


That’s when it hit me.


You see, I’m the type of guy that love to help people launch businesses, but then I want someone else to take over and I’m on to the next launch.


Not because I don’t like the clients or don’t want to put in the work of growing them, but because I’m drawn to the freedom and mobility of being able to help another person bring their entrepreneurial dreams to life.


So I rebranded myself….again...and this time I was going to get it right!  I wasn’t really being unique and true to my own self, my own brand.


If I could re-organize my entire business to get projects in and out in a very short period of time, and if I could get the client to agree to the strict timeline, I could duplicate the same great clients over and over.


And the coolest part is that I’m a “serial entrepreneur” myself, so with this new idea, I could be working with a new business every day and feeling like I’m the one launching it!


It was so simple. So that's what I did …


And that's how the initial version of Launch in 2 Days was born (it was more like 10 days when it started).


By this point, two things were certain ...


I was good at consulting brand strategy for clients, and I was pretty good at creative directing.


Over the next year, I consumed everything I could on how God viewed purpose, passion, calling and living out your dreams...and how these related to branding - key messaging, logos, websites, and copywriting.


I coupled that with devouring everything I could on the science of systems, processes and getting things done.  I studied six sigma, agile, and scrum project management.


I read books, listened to podcasts, watched webinars, read blog posts - basically anything and everything I could get my hands on when it came to launching businesses in the most efficient and effective possible way.


Absorbing the information like a sponge, being led by God, taking all of my skills I had accumulated over the years and piecing together a NEW WAY.


My next branding clients were pitched my “new way” and, to my surprise, they were really excited to go through my new “speed branding” process.


I got so good at the process that I could launch a business in 8 hours (my record is 7:24)!!!!


So I thought to myself if I can launch 1 business so fast, can I launch 5 of them at the same time that quickly?


Like...get 5 entrepreneurs to come to my office over a weekend and everyone walks away with a full brand by Saturday at 5pm...ready to sell by Monday…and I’m off to find the next set of clients to launch.


So in July of 2016, I hosted my first Launch in 2 Days event.  I sold out and made over $10,000 in one weekend launching 5 businesses.


The best part was that I was totally done with them, and they were totally happy.  It was a dream come true.


This changed something inside of me.


I was completely blown away that this had happened to me, and that I could actually do what I had been studying and learning to do.


I now had a taste of success, and there was no turning back …


In September of 2016, I was invited to the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program.  This is an advanced MBA program, an accelerated way to grow your business. I took the Launch in 2 Days idea.


In December I graduated and had the entire business plan laid out, even ready to show investors if I wanted.


As I kept launching companies during that time and refining my process, I got really good at my craft.


Over the following 12 months, I launched over 80 brands.  I hosted a dozen “Launch in 2 Days” events and have grown to teach, certifying, and licensing other agency guys just like me to run their branding projects the same way.


From this point on, I'd be addicted to launching new businesses, and I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt I was living my calling.


To make a long story short, I mastered the art of not only designing logos and website fast but listening to my target audience and guiding them towards a business model that they can proudly say “I was born for this”.


Instead of doing what I thought my customers wanted for their businesses, I instead listened and delivered exactly what their own expertise and passion were asking and looking for ...   


This turned out to be the key to my success, and I ended up doing over a dozen Launch in 2 Days events between 2016 and 2017.


After several months of running Launch in 2 Days events and offering brand strategies, I had built up a substantial cash flow and got myself back on my feet ...


Like any good entrepreneur, I thought of ways I could profit from this knowledge and skill set even more ...


And I had a skill set that was in high demand.


This process is a complete mindset shift of how we brand clients.


What a great feeling - Not only was I having success, but I was changing the lives of my clients, and that felt pretty damn awesome!


Now I’m on a mission to teach and share my methodology with as many people as possible.


My goal:  help influence millions of entrepreneurs in the marketplace do what they were born to do!


I’m now launching several of my own brands each month, along with other people’s brands.  I’m also joint venturing with other marketing and branding professionals in launching companies that help entrepreneurs grow.


I’m in a whirlwind of growth this year, and it’s the best time of my life.


What does the future hold for Alex Miranda?


Now I know how to create and launch brands in 2 days, and now I’m going to teach others to do the same.



And I have way more launches up my sleeves.  I realize I have tons of profitable skills that can help others ...


Soon I’ll be launching the ‘Born For This’ Network, followed by a global expansion and licensing of Launch in 2 Days, alongside the growth of Daily Godpreneur (my personal blog of running an agency God’s way).


My goal is to share my knowledge and teach others how to meet success as well.


If I have a proven system that works, I’m happy to share that system, and use my experiences and my products as the foundation for my business.


By the way, did I tell you that I no longer have projects that drag out forever?  HAAAA!


Even though that may not be exciting to you, it is to me…


Ready to get started with Launch in 2 Days?


Join my free training ...


The 5 Minute Branding Makeover.  Take me there.



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